Occult Code (Gematria) Calculator App

Wikileaks and Pizzagate (John Podesta / Comet Ping Pong and James Alefantis / Spirit Cooking and Marina Abramovic) exposed the public to some of the secret language of the elite. They use common words and pedophile symbols. They also use numbers as symbols, and words and letters are interpreted as numbers. Occult Codes are almost everywhere, in the names of companies, of people, both real and fictional, in song and movie titles, slogans, and so on. It's far more common than you might think!

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Neo-Nazi codes are being exposed and publicized lately too. This app is provided to help you discover potential Occult codes. Neo-Nazi Codes include HH as “Heil Hitler” and SS as the infamous Schutzstaffel and 14-88 (14 words and 88 precepts) and 420 (Adolf Hitler's birthday on April 20), but they also use number substitution codes like the 88 (HH and SS), and also 84 (H.D. for “Heil Deutschland”) and 39 (C.I. for “Christian Identity”).

There's the super popular Code 33 (Freemasonry and many more significations) and Code 47 (Euclid - with related codes 3.4.5. or 5.3.4 and 33.44.55) and Time-Space codes of 12, 13 and 21, and Code 54 (love) and Code 36 (magic square of the sun & Hitler) and Code 93 (Love (agape) and Will (Thelema)) and Code 72 (Goetic portal demons and Shemhamforash) and Code 418 (Thelema ABRAHADABRA, etc.) and Code 666 and Ark of the Covenant Codes 45/8 or 5.625 - and so on.

Special features below include the easy generation of letter combinations that sum to 33 and 47, using the common Occult substitution cipher, the “English gematria” values, where a=1 and b=2, etc. They might represent words or acronyms. A secondary code system in use assigns z=1 and y=2, etc. I refer to that as RAS, Reverse Alphabetical Substitution. I've included an Atbash code conversion feature, where A is exchanged for Z, and B for Y... I've also added a style called English or Old English, where A has the value of 1*6, B has the value of 2*6, C is 3*6...

Here are all the letter pairs that sum to 33: GZ HY IX JW KV LU MT NS OR PQ. Then, RAS: AT BS CR DQ EP FO GN HM IL JK

Click a button to generate a set of letter strings. Results appear above. The result sets are not duplicated so they may be considered anagrams.

A few sample finds are: gay, ICU (intensive care unit), Flo (Progressive Insurance personality), MGM (Metro Goldwyn Meyer), KKK (Ku Klux Klan), BTK (serial killer), hip (“hipsters” in song lyrics by Taylor Swift (“22”) and Ke$ha (We R Who We R)), app (application - download and install...), the, Sam, Kim, Jin (Djinn, genie), KGO (media network in San Francisco), ALT... Also, sex, wax, TNN, PTL (Praise the Lord - network), BYU (Brigham Young University), NPR (National Public Radio), NOS (energy drink), PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome), SWF, SQL (database programming language), sit, its, gut, Tom, son

A few sample finds are: eBay, glam, amen, bird, cadet, camp, comb, epic, gate, foci, hall (Manly P. Hall), herb, keel, neck, peak, seed, Kobe (Bryant), Shea, Dacy, Cady, Behr (paint), KKDG radio, KKGD AM radio, KHAM radio...

A few sample finds are: “if die,” fence, barge, leech, “a sage,” “in bag,” “I bang,” “I glad,” “a cell,” “if boa,” “a deer,” “a lane,” “a reed,” “an ale,” algal, cease, Diane, Fabio, farce, gaped, paged...

The Number 47

Sometimes the number 47 is hidden as an esoteric symbol, linked to Illumined Freemasonry and identified with the 47th Problem of Euclid. There are only six letter pairs that sum to 47: WX VY UZ. Then, RAS: CD BE AF. Of these, the little word “be” is very common, and when attention is called to it in a symbolic context this is probably signaling the 47th Problem of Euclid. The less common but still popular CD/DC pairings, likewise.

Other common symbols of 47 don't involve the sum of the values. DG (D=4 and G=7) and the RAS version: WT (W=4 and T=7) AG = 47 as the atomic number of silver, which is Ag in the periodic table of elements. TI = 47 as the atomic mass of Titanium (actually, 47.867). Titanium, which has the atomic number of 22, was named for the Titans of Greek mythology.

Click a button to generate results, which appear above. The result sets are not duplicated so they may be considered anagrams.

Examples include: VIP (very important person), ISS (International Space Station), PEZ (candies), RPM, RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), XTC (Ecstasy / MDNA club drug), WWA (wrestling), Mtn (mountain), sew, dry, pop, mum, vet (veteran), goy (a nation - Hebrew), Lot, Liz, Gus, Rex, Ron, Wes... RAS examples include: NSA, ATM, DUI, IUD (birth control), CRM, EXE (executable file extension *.exe), tie, cop, kin, log, one, rig, oar, hey, few, jaw, zag, Neo, Vic, Yah...