Temple at the Center of Time [David Flynn] - Easy Distance & Time Converter

Find Distance/Date and Bearing from Temple Mount

Input the latitude and longitude of your target location. The distance from the temple mount will be calculated and displayed in nautical miles, along with the corresponding date, according to David Flynn's principle of equivalence for AD measures.

Sample entry: 51.97552,-1.570812
Sample result: 2012.38 nautical miles = May 20, 2012

Target Latitude and Longitude:

The coordinates used for the temple mount anchor: 31.777637, 35.235499.

The Vincenty Formula (gpsVisualizer) is used to calculate the result, which factors in the flattened shape of the Earth.

One way to acquire the coordinates of your target location is, using Google Maps, on the map, right click on your target location and select "What's Here?" The coordinates will then appear in the search bar, which you can copy from to paste into the text box on this page.

Find the Coordinates at a Given Distance and Bearing

This is useful for plotting points for the drawing of date-time arcs from the temple mount. I use these results to plot the points for drawing arc segments using the ruler tool on a personalized Google Earth map. I don't use the ruler to measure distance because it is not reliable.

Your distance entry will be a number in nautical miles that represents a Gregorian calendar date. The bearing you use can be acquired using the tool above.

Sample Entry - Distance: 2012.5 (Nautical Miles) at Bearing: 316.147 °
Description of this sample entry: halfway into the year 2012 on a heading towards Glastonbury Tor, UK

Distance: (Nautical Miles) at Bearing: °

To use the results: Copy the latitude and longitude coordinates from here and paste them into Google Earth in the “Fly To” input box, or into any map program's input box.

Examples of how results are being used:

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